Wheelchair accessible vehicle testimonials

The LifeTrike is quick easy and fun. I can quickly roll my wheelchair in and out without transferring. I zip around town in a way that once was impossible.

I have been using a wheelchair for over 30 years. I never dreamed that I would enjoy being behind a set of handlebars. The LifeTrike has given me back a feeling of the open road. Thanks to the LifeTrike I am able to enjoy the huge fun factor of riding a scooter. My friends all smile when they see me zip down the road. It is truly great to grab the handlebars, feel the wind in my face and to be back on a bike again.

Running to the store is no problem now. No transfers. No van lifts. No busses. I just roll my wheelchair onto my LifeTrike, raise the tailgate and GO! The LifeTrike is fast, fun and affordable transportation for people like me.

Ed Bell

LifeTrike is a disruptive technology in the mobility industry. It provides a level of personal freedom that is not available in any other product on the market today. This product changes lives!

Jeff Imel

The first time I got to drive the LifeTrike was on the day they wanted to fit me and my chair into it. The fitting process was very quick and easy, and the chocks have enough adjustability to make changes later if need be. They had me drive a few test laps inside the building and it was incredibly easy to get the hang of. Then they raised the door and said “take it away.” It felt very liberating to be driving on the road with the wind in my hair, it had been more than 12 years since I had had that experience. Words cannot describe when you experience something again that for so long you thought was forgotten. At first it was a little intimidating but only briefly, then soon became thrilling, then I became relaxed and confident and was able to just enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was, I was like hey I can do this I really can hop on this and drive away, this is awesome. All of the other cars I met were staring, trying to figure out what the heck it was. I even came to an intersection where another car was waiting at a stop sign but he motioned me to go ahead, as I went by he still had not yet picked up his jaw. You feel very safe on the LifeTrike because all of the controls are literally right at your hands. The breaks are very responsive, it has turn signals, a horn, and just like motorcycle riders you have a daytime running light. I left very excited, and looking forward to getting it to my house so I could take off whenever and wherever I wanted.

Andrew Bourne