LifeTrike featured in Brightside

LifeTrike is making headlines! In our efforts to spread the news of our new scooter for the wheelchair user, we have begun being featured in the news. We were recently given the opportunity to meet with Mike Bennett from Brightside. We had a great conversation in which we discussed our product, our business, and our plans for LifeTrike. In our time with Mike, we let him try out one of our mopeds, and he loved it. After our talk, he wrote an excellent article about us and LifeTrike:

LifeTrike is far more than a customized moped.
It’s an empowering tool of mobility for those who must use wheelchairs — and it was developed in Richmond. It’s a personal mission — and incubator — for the brothers who run Mosey Manufacturing. And it’s full of promise for creating more high-tech jobs here.

Steve and George Mosey have created a street-legal vehicle that’s part moped and part chariot. The vehicle puts the power in the hands — and wind in the hair — of those with limited mobility.

Mike Bennett giving LifeTrike a try

In our conversation, we discussed the need for awareness and attention of our product. We shared how we came about the idea of LifeTrike and the steps we took to make our dream a reality. We talked about our company’s success and where we want to take it, including our growing number of employees and aspirations to keep that number growing. Mike goes on to mention our ambitions and future goals with LifeTrike:

Herig foresees Indiana becoming a manufacturing center for vehicles that are designed to help those with disabilities. Companies in Mishawaka and Danville are building different kinds of vehicles for the mobility market. “From an economic development standpoint, this state has it going on,” Herig said.

The LifeTrike will first be marketed in Florida. The reasons include flat roads, a warmer climate and large concentrations of senior citizens.

Herig hopes to gain a market foothold with groups such as Wounded Warriors and Disabled American Veterans. “We’re still identifying hoops with potential clients like the armed forces or Medicare. “There are monies out there, but they are getting tight.”

Steve Mosey said Mobility Technologies, LLC, has the luxury of time to find the right marketing formula because of the success of usual products that Mosey produces for the automotive and heavy industrial markets. “LifeTrike is a different direction. This is an R&D product,” he said. “My brother and I work on these projects. This is our own incubator.”

The LifeTrike scooter should help push the affordable mobility industry.

We are grateful for the privilege of having had such an outstanding article written about us. Mike’s words will definitely help us reach more people so our initial push can be strong. Hopefully with LifeTrike, we will be able to mark Richmond as a leading innovator in the affordable mobility industry. We are very proud to have developed LifeTrike in Richmond, and we hope that this will drive a boost in industry that will help create more jobs in our company and in all of Richmond.Check out the full article here!