LifeTrike + electric wheelchairs = renewed independence

LifeTrike + electric wheelchairs = renewed independence

Tired of being at home because your electric wheelchair won’t allow you to go out and have fun? No more. LifeTrike is here to change your lifestyle.

LifeTrike is an ingenious concept crafted of out of not only the latest technology, but also compassion. The idea of designing this vehicle for the physically impaired came to Steve Mosey on the most random of days. In March of 2008, he and his wife went out for breakfast at a place near their hotel in Key West, Florida. En route, Mosey saw a man in a power wheelchair blocked by trash cans. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t steer safe of them. Unfortunately, he toppled over the curb and fell on the street. Mosey helped him up, and although the man was uninjured, Mosey couldn’t get this incident out of his head. Upon returning home, he discussed the incident with his brother, who felt equally strongly about it. The two inventors then began conceptualizing, designing, and redesigning what has now emerged to be LifeTrike.

The LifeTrike is compatible with electric wheelchairs, and it even charges your wheelchair while in use!

The basic purpose behind LifeTrike is to provide enhanced mobility and in turn, more independence to the physically impaired. This purpose-built motorized vehicle is unique as it allows wheel chair users to ride the city streets comfortably and independently. The affordable price of LifeTrike enables more users to benefit from it and enjoy their freedom. LifeTrike is perfect for moderately long commutes due to its travel range of 150 miles and speed of up to 30 miles per hour.

One of the handiest features incorporated into LifeTrike’s design is its ability to drive in reverse. The twin engines allow superiors control over the grip and it can be maneuvered out of any tight parking space with ease and swiftness. Adjustable handlebars are also a plus and can be easily adjusted for operators of any body strength and type.

Drive your wheelchair right onto the LifeTrike and start driving!

LifeTrike can be used for myriad purposes. The very reason for its existence is to allow the disabled to have maximum mobility and ease in moving around. With LifeTrike you can:

  • Never miss a doctor’s appointment. Relying on someone, even when you are completely ready to go, can be a real inconvenience when faced with urgency. With the help of LifeTrike, you don’t have to be dependant on anyone for taking you to the doctor and can be your own driver!
  • Keep your supplies high! Wave goodbye to waiting for someone to pick up your groceries; the empowering LifeTrike allows you to be able to do all of your shopping yourself.
  • Attend church regularly. You won’t have to schedule rides with friends to make it to church on time anymore. LifeTrike will take you to church and bring you back, both safely and swiftly.
  • Go out to eat. Everyone has cravings for specific cuisine, but when your mobility is limited, your choices tend to be slim. It’s not at all a problem with LifeTrike. Simply cruise away to the locale of your choosing and enjoy. Time and dining wait for no one!
  • Just go out, even if you don’t have to be somewhere or buy anything! LifeTrike is ideal for joyrides as you can cruise on this smooth ride under the blue sky and just have fun.
  • Do whatever you want! No matter what work of the outdoors it is, you can easily do it with LifeTrike.

The reasons to fall in love with LifeTrike are uncountable. This state-of-the art motorized vehicle is compatible with electric wheelchairs and puts you back on the road, allowing you to have more freedom and fun. Not only is LifeTrike convenient, it’s also very powerful and can get up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. The 150-miles-capable fuel tank enables you to travel long distances at an economical value so you don’t have to make frequent stops for gas. If you’re living in Florida and wish to reclaim your independence, look into purchasing a LifeTrike and travel with safety.