How LifeTrike is permanently improving Florida handicap retirement

How LifeTrike is permanently improving florida handicap retirement

As a handicapped retiree, you may find life more difficult than it used to be. Traveling has become more burdensome, regardless of whether or not you have a handicap-accessible van. LifeTrike aims to revolutionize the lifestyles of the Florida handicap retirement community. We are working around the clock to ensure that you are able to regain what you lost: your independence. Imagine how easy life would be when you can go to the coffee shop at the curb whenever you want or pick up your own groceries again. We understand that life in handicapped retirement can be challenging when dealing with dependency and immobility. That’s exactly why LifeTrike has introduced the revolutionary wheelchair-carrying trike.

The basic purpose behind the LifeTrike is to provide enhanced mobility and, in turn, more independence to the physically impaired. This purpose-built motorized vehicle is unique as it allows wheelchair users to ride the city streets comfortably and independently. The affordable price of the LifeTrike enables more users to benefit from it and enjoy their freedom. The LifeTrike has a travel range of 150 miles and a speed of up to 30 miles per hour, which makes it perfect for moderately long commutes.

The LifeTrike allows those of you in handicapped retirement to regain control of your lives. All you need to do is roll onto the ramp and drive to your destination, whether it is a doctor’s appointment, the grocery store, or even the coffee shop down the street. LifeTrike gives a taste of freedom to those who long for it and deserve it most.

The LifeTrike allows those in handicap retirement to regain their mobility and drive again!

It has many features that increase the accessibility of the handicapped person and make it easier for you to commute. The LifeTrike is completely street legal and has a low carbon footprint despite having twin engines, which work together to give you enough power to commute on local streets & avenues alongside city traffic. The tight turning circle of the trike allows users to squeeze through tight spots that are normally inaccessible by car, with the added benefit of being able to do it all within the comfort of your wheelchair.

LifeTrike will change your life for the better. Imagine you are home alone and feel a pain in your arm. Even if you call your loved ones, it could take them half an hour to reach home. Getting to a hospital in a wheelchair alone is not possible. What would you do? This is where LifeTrike comes in; with this convenient transport, you can easily adjust yourself in the seat and drive yourself to the nearest hospital. The sleek design of the vehicle makes it highly maneuverable.

The LifeTrike is improving Florida handicap retirement by allowing those in wheelchairs to get back on the road!

The example given above was of extreme circumstances, but even on regular days, LifeTrike can be your best friend. Whether you need to get something from the store, wish to enjoy the beach air or simply want to ride around for fun, LifeTrike makes it all possible. This vehicle will really boost your confidence and make you a true go-getter by allowing you to be independent and making you in charge of your routine. The pocket friendly price tag of LifeTrike puts it well within the reach of common man without compromising on any of the vital features.

There are a lot of reasons as to why LifeTrike is the perfect vehicle for you. This vehicle is not only state-of-the-art in terms of technology, but is also aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable. The motorized trike allows you to get back on the road on your own and enjoy life as it comes without leaving a destructively large carbon print. The 150-mile capacity of the fuel tank makes this vehicle ideal for relatively long travel with the maximum of security and minimal breaks for refueling.

So, if you are in the Florida vicinity and are a wheelchair-user, try LifeTrike and feel your lifestyle get reformed. LifeTrike is the answer for anyone who craves freedom and personal control. This compact yet strong trike gives as much comfort as possible while driving around at a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Join hands with LifeTrike and watch your life transform before your very eyes as you get more energy and more fun packed into every single day of your life!