Electric Wheelchairs and Independent Mobility

In March of 2008 my wife and I were vacationing with some friends of ours in Key West Florida. As many may know who have been to Key West you will generally find that walking almost anywhere in the town is possible. On one sunny day during our stay we decided to take a walk from our hotel to a place on one of the main streets that we knew of for some breakfast.

While walking along one of the narrow sidewalks toward our destination we noticed a gentleman about a half a block ahead of us who was in a power wheelchair trying to negotiate his way around some trash cans that had been placed too far out on the sidewalk. Well the next thing to happen was not a good thing. He dropped one of his wheels off of the curb and toppled over into the street. A horrifying sight to say the least. We rushed up to help him up off of the ground and get him on his way. Fortunately he was uninjured but I realized at that moment that this incident could have turned out much worse.

As we returned home on the plane I couldn’t get the image out of my head of how vulnerable the person was on that day. Clearly he needed a safer way to travel.

I began to think about the scooters that we rented to sightsee the day after the accident and it occurred to me that if somehow you could marry the liberating sense of freedom a scooter offers with the practicality of a wheelchair then that person could be off of the sidewalk and on the street where he wants to be in the first place.

In fact, after I returned home I began to notice things about power chairs that I had previously not noticed: people in a power chair trying to navigate in traffic on a busy street. This was worse I thought than what I saw in Key West. Something had to be done about this. I shared my story with my brother, George Mosey, who was equally disturbed.

My brother and I are both inventors and this concept of a handicap accessible gas powered trike seemed too enticing to pass up so in the following months we designed and re-designed and the result is the LifeTrike.

Steve Mosey, Co-owner, Mobility Technologies

Lifetrike combines electric wheelchairs and independent mobility

Steve Mosey, Co-owner of Mobility Technologies, LLC

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The LifeTrike is bringing mobility back into your life.

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