A Revolution in Handicap Mobility: The Insider’s Guide to the LifeTrike

A Revolution in Handicap Mobility: The Insider’s Guide to the LifeTrike

Safe & secure travel is vitally important to wheelchair users interested in exploring their community attractions, restaurants, shops, and events. In many instances, smooth, accessible pathways aren’t always as convenient as imagined. Both manual and powered chairs have their respective limits in providing safe, secure rolling efficiencies on many sidewalks and streets, so we needed a revolution in handicap mobility. Mobility Technologies designed and built a new and innovative mode of travel for paralyzed individuals. Our LifeTrike offers an affordable and safer method of extended travel without the hassles of transferring into existing adaptive van conversions or waiting on caregivers and transport services.

The LifeTrike was purposely designed with safety and driving comfort as a top priority and is street legal. The Twin Engine setup delivers even acceleration without overpowering the vehicle. In addition, this prevents pulling and off-balance performance that requires the driver to constantly correct their line of travel. With the natural low center of gravity and right-sized engines, the LifeTrike drives as easy as it looks.

The LifeTrike revolutionizes handicap mobility with its patented design.

We built several safety measures into our design that keeps the LifeTrike highly visible to other drivers on the road. The physical size (72” long x 67” wide) makes it very easy to spot and since it’s the only one of its kind on the market, it continues to get a lot of attention from drivers and pedestrians alike. The twin turn signals light up very bright to indicate your direction. Day-time running lights and bright lights help to safely guide you home during those late night jaunts to the pizza shop.

We outfitted the LifeTrike with dual fuel tanks for an extended travel range of 150 plus miles. In addition, each engine has its’ own battery power to keep everything running for long runs between charging cycles. This also allows the vehicle to run on one (1) engine if you should run out of gas and need to reach the nearest filling station. By the way, we require 92 Octane for optimal performance.

When you receive your LifeTrike, we’ll go through a series of adjustments to make sure we fit the vehicle to your chair & body type. We have adjustable handlebars, mirrors, and wheel chocks. We’ll make sure you are safe, secure, and comfortable in the operation and care of your LifeTrike. You’ll have the chance to drive in, drive off, turn it, brake it, back it up, and drive out of it before we give you our thumbs up to GET OUT & RIDE.

One of the most sought after features we heard from wheelchair users was the ability to load into a mobility vehicle without the assistance of anyone. The convenience of rolling in & rolling out without transferring makes the LifeTrike the ideal freedom option for many. True independence and the desire to go where and when you want are what make this vehicle so unique. In less than a minute, you can leave your home, drive into the LifeTrike and be on your way to the destination of your choice. Experience real freedom again!

The other “must have” we built into our design was a reverse gear that enables you to back out of accessible parking spots around town. This electric reverse motor can be operated regardless if the engines are running. You just squeeze the lever and hold until you’re clear of the barrier. This simple, convenient feature also makes parking in your garage quick and easy. You just have to remember to leave enough room for the electric ramp to draw down. We installed an electric ramp system for loading and unloading yourself together with your chair into the LifeTrike. After you roll into the carriage, you push back on the elevator switch to raise the ramp and shift yourself into the correct driving position. In case the ramp gets jammed or stuck, there’s a manual release to make sure you can exit the vehicle at all times.

Since there are a several manual and power chair models on the market today, we made the decision to build the LifeTrike to accommodate most models regardless of brand. We merely decided on length and width minimums. This decision allows us to offer the majority of users the ability to fine-tune the fit with adjustable handlebars for the best driving feel. In addition to driver comfort concerns, we also offer an optional seat belt restraint system for your chair as well as the driver.

Bringing mobility back to handicaps

After reading this summary about all the features and benefits of owning a LifeTrike, you might be interested in reading what our testers are saying about their LifeTrike experience. We have asked a few individuals with disabilities to test drive the LifeTrike in their cities and hometowns.

Ed Bell, paralyzed in 1982, says “I can hop on the LifeTrike and just zip off and go”. Ed also realizes the benefits of having street-legal transportation to find and hold a job. “If LifeTrike makes it possible to get to and from a job, the cost just got cheap!” In addition to being able to run errands, visit friends & family, it has the potential to open doors and really changes people’s lives. “Transportation is such a major barrier”.

Andrew Bourne is a paraplegic young man that refuses to let obstacles prevent him from enjoying his favorite outdoor activities, such as turkey & deer hunting. He has an adapted 4-wheeler and pick-up truck to get him to those secret hunt hangouts. We asked him to test drive the LifeTrike this summer and he jumped right in.

Here are his thoughts. The first time I got to drive the Life Trike was on the day they wanted to fit me and my chair into it. The fitting process was very quick and easy, and the chocks have enough adjustability to make changes later if need be. They had me drive a few test laps inside the building and it was incredibly easy to get the hang of. Then they raised the door and said “take it away.” It felt very liberating to be driving on the road with the wind in my hair; it had been more than 12 years since I had had that experience. Words cannot describe when you experience something again that for so long you thought was forgotten. At first it was a little intimidating but only briefly, then soon became thrilling, and then I became relaxed and confident and was able to just enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was, I was like “hey I can do this, I really can hop on this and drive away, and this is awesome”. All of the other cars I met were staring, trying to figure out what the heck it was. I even came to an intersection where another car was waiting at a stop sign but he motioned me to go ahead, as I went by he still had not yet picked up his jaw. You feel very safe on the Life Trike because all of the controls are literally right at your hands. The brakes are very responsive, it has turn signals, a horn, and just like motorcycle riders you have a daytime running light. I left very excited and looking forward to getting it to my house so I could take off whenever and wherever I wanted.