3 reasons a handicap accessible wheelchair van is NOT the only solution for you. Consider getting a LifeTrike

3 reasons a handicap accessible wheelchair van is NOT the only solution for you.

Consider getting a LifeTrike

The tragedy of our society is that we accustom our wheelchair-enabled citizens to be unable to fend for themselves. Many retirees in Florida nursing homes are bound to a wheelchair. A wheelchair, however helpful, is not designed to take people across long distances. If you want to travel, you are encouraged to use a handicap-accessible wheelchair van. Is the whole idea of handicap accessible wheelchair van healthy? Does it make people in a wheelchair feel empowered or strong? The answer is plain and simple: No.

When you decide to opt for a handicap accessible wheelchair van, you admit defeat to your disability. Your freedom and mobility are limited, leaving you to rely on others for appointments, errands, or travel. There are many reasons why a handicap-accessible wheelchair van is not a good option for you. Here are the top three:

Who needs a handicap accessible wheelchair van when you have a LifeTrike?

1. Independence

When you’re on your wheelchair, your accessibility is limited, but you’re your own master. Where you go and when you go is all up to you. However when you turn to a handicap accessible wheelchair van, this all changes. There is no way that the wheelchair operator can drive the van, which in turn means that another person is required to drive around. This immediately takes away the freedom and independence you have with your life. Everywhere you need to go, there has to be someone to take you there. Your family and friends don’t mind of course, but you should not have to be dependent like this.

With LifeTrike, you regain your independence. This scooter requires only you, the operator. With LifeTrike, you decide where you want to go at any time of the day. Safe and Swift, it’s the vehicle to reclaim your independence. LifeTrike removes the pause button of your life, and puts you back in motion! With this motorized vehicle, you’ll never have to miss an appointment again.

2. Self-confidence

When you’re dependent on a handicap accessible van, life shrinks; there are only particular hours when you’re available. This is because the person who drives you around isn’t free most of the time, leaving you to condense your day and miss out on the fun. It does not take a psychologist to figure out that this type of a lifestyle leads to lower self-confidence. For the sake of your mental and emotional health, you need to cut away from the van and turn to something less crippling to your psychology.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far. LifeTrike is just the thing for you. This vehicle needs only you to operate it, so it can boost your self-confidence. The next time you need something from the store, don’t wait for someone to get it for you. Get on your LikeTrike, drive to the store, and get it yourself. Be empowered with LifeTrike!

The LifeTrike takes away the need for handicap accessible vans because you can drive your wheelchair right up the ramp and drive yourself!

3. Social Life

It’s hard to maintain a social life when you’re dependent on someone to drive you everywhere. To have a solid social presence, it’s important that you are not only independent, but also confident. Now, it’s impossible to have this confidence when you’re bound to a van, but it’s as easy as ABC with LifeTrike. You can use this empowering vehicle to make plans whenever you want. Whether you want to go the calm beach, hang out with friends somewhere, or simply go out for a joy ride, LifeTrike is the vehicle for you.

LifeTrike offers you much more convenience and independence than a handicap-accessible wheelchair van. The basic purpose behind LifeTrike is to provide enhanced mobility and, in turn, more independence to the physically impaired. Unlike the van, this is built to let you take care of yourself as the scooter is a one-man vehicle. This purpose-built motorized scooter will allow you to ride both far and near without having to wait for anyone to take you. The affordable price of LifeTrike enables more users to benefit from it and enjoy their freedom. LifeTrike is designed to make moderately long commutes as it has a travel range of 150 miles and will speed up to 30 miles per hour.

One of the handiest features incorporated into LifeTrike’s design is its ability to drive in reverse. The twin engines allow superiors control over the grip and it can be maneuvered out of any tight parking space with ease and swiftness. Adjustable handlebars are also a plus and can be easily adjusted for operators of any body strength and type. LifeTrike is bringing mobility and independence back to the physically impaired in Florida. If you are considering a handicap-accessible wheelchair van, try out a LifeTrike first!