A Revolution in Handicap Mobility: The Insider’s Guide to the LifeTrike

Safe & secure travel is vitally important to wheelchair users interested in exploring their community attractions, restaurants, shops, and events. In many instances, smooth, accessible pathways aren’t always as convenient as imagined. Both manual and powered chairs have their respective limits in providing safe, secure rolling efficiencies on many sidewalks and streets, so we needed a revolution in handicap mobility.

3 reasons a handicap accessible wheelchair van is NOT the only solution for you. Consider getting a LifeTrike

The tragedy of our society is that we accustom our wheelchair-enabled citizens to be unable to fend for themselves. Many retirees in Florida nursing homes are bound to a wheelchair. A wheelchair, however helpful, is not designed to take people across long distances. If you want to travel, you are encouraged to use a handicap-accessible wheelchair van. Is the whole idea of handicap accessible wheelchair van healthy?

LifeTrike Rear

4 reasons why LifeTrike is the future of disabled veteran mobility

The soldiers of our country have fought wars for us. They struggled and put their lives on the lines, just so our kids can sleep in peace. LifeTrike aims to return what it can for the efforts they have made for us. The LifeTrike is skillfully and purposely designed at Mobility Technologies for the sole purpose of assisting the handicapped to carry out their daily routines without the hassle of an attendant.