LifeTrike to host “Wheel In / Ride Away” demo program at PVA Bass Tournament

Brett Chamberlin, National Sales and Marketing Manager for LifeTrike is pleased to announce that LifeTrike will be hosting their “Wheel In / Ride Away” demo program at the Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) 2016 Citrus Slam Bass Tournament!

The tournament is being held April 1-3, 2016 at beautiful Lake Toho in Kissimmee Florida.

LifeTrike will be there with a number of units for participants to “wheel in and ride away” from the comfort of their wheelchair.

LifeTrike is a purpose built vehicle which is street legal and BUILT IN AMERICA.  It offers freedom to those who are confined to a wheelchair or with limited mobility to go beyond the typical 4-6 mile limitation of a power chair.  With a range of around 150 miles to a fill up, the LifeTrike can greatly expand your horizon!

We believe the LifeTrike can change lives by providing independence… giving the opportunity to get to a work site… get groceries… visit friends or to just “Get Out and Ride”.

For additional information on the PVA Citrus Slam Bass Tournament go to

LifeTrike   LifeTrike Boarding  JJH_2466

Brett Chamberlin

2016 The Year of The LifeTrike Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle

bikeWe are very excited about what 2016 holds in store for LifeTrike.  We believe that the demand for a wheelchair motorcycle that people can afford will drive our manufacturing to capacity.  Having been in touch with a number of organizations, we are planning to do a “Wheel In / Ride Away” Test Ride across America.  We are available to meet with your organization, bringing LifeTrikes for test rides in your town.

Contact Brett at 239-785-8948 to schedule your date for our Wheelchair Motorcycle Wheel In / Ride Away Test Ride day.

Brett Chamberlin

LifeTrike releases 2 person removable seat

IMG_3375No matter if you are in a wheelchair or dealing with mobility issues, LifeTrike is the solution for you.

Our newly designed removable seat allows you to operate your LifeTrike without the need of a wheelchair.  This is a wonderful option for those not confined to a wheelchair who don’t feel secure on a typical scooter.

IMG_3376The new seat will accommodate up to 2 people and can be removed in less than 10 seconds when it becomes necessary to ride from a wheelchair.  This new flexibility will allow both disabled and non disabled the option of enjoying the life changing freedom felt when driving a LifeTrike.  IMG_3377

Brett Chamberlin

A Revolution in Handicap Mobility: The Insider’s Guide to the LifeTrike

Safe & secure travel is vitally important to wheelchair users interested in exploring their community attractions, restaurants, shops, and events. In many instances, smooth, accessible pathways aren’t always as convenient as imagined. Both manual and powered chairs have their respective limits in providing safe, secure rolling efficiencies on many sidewalks and streets, so we needed a revolution in handicap mobility.


3 reasons a handicap accessible wheelchair van is NOT the only solution for you. Consider getting a LifeTrike

The tragedy of our society is that we accustom our wheelchair-enabled citizens to be unable to fend for themselves. Many retirees in Florida nursing homes are bound to a wheelchair. A wheelchair, however helpful, is not designed to take people across long distances. If you want to travel, you are encouraged to use a handicap-accessible wheelchair van. Is the whole idea of handicap accessible wheelchair van healthy?

LifeTrike Rear

4 reasons why LifeTrike is the future of disabled veteran mobility

The soldiers of our country have fought wars for us. They struggled and put their lives on the lines, just so our kids can sleep in peace. LifeTrike aims to return what it can for the efforts they have made for us. The LifeTrike is skillfully and purposely designed at Mobility Technologies for the sole purpose of assisting the handicapped to carry out their daily routines without the hassle of an attendant.


How LifeTrike is permanently improving Florida handicap retirement

As a handicapped retiree, you may find life more difficult than it used to be. Traveling has become more burdensome, regardless of whether or not you have a handicap-accessible van. LifeTrike aims to revolutionize the lifestyles of the Florida handicap retirement community. We are working around the clock to ensure that you are able to regain what you lost: your independence.

time magazine lifetrike

LifeTrike + electric wheelchairs = renewed independence

Tired of being at home because your electric wheelchair won’t allow you to go out and have fun? No more. LifeTrike is here to change your lifestyle.

LifeTrike is an ingenious concept crafted of out of not only the latest technology, but also compassion. The idea of designing this vehicle for the physically impaired came to Steve Mosey on the most random of days.


LifeTrike featured in Brightside

LifeTrike is making headlines! In our efforts to spread the news of our new scooter for the wheelchair user, we have begun being featured in the news. We were recently given the opportunity to meet with Mike Bennett from Brightside. We had a great conversation in which we discussed our product, our business, and our plans for LifeTrike. In our time with Mike, we let him try out one of our mopeds, and he loved it. After our talk, he wrote an excellent article about us and LifeTrike